Money PURGE earned for myself: $41.46
Money PURGE Helped Raise for a Well in Liberia: $1501.00

Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 52: Continued with Freecycle

I wasn't able to get rid of 10 items, but I wanted to again highlight Freecycle of Champaign-Urbana.  You do have to join before you can use it, but that's easy.  Once you're in, you post a message like this:

OFFER in SE Urbana: Pillows, Tree lights, Car Air Filter, etc.

2 Standard pillows made of down
3 strings of tree lights with alternating blue and white lights
Car air filter CA4309
Wok scrubber made of bamboo
All from pet free and smoke free home

It will send an e-mail out to members.  Those interested in your stuff will e-mail you to arrange for pick up.  Usually, I just leave my stuff on the front steps soon before I know someone will arrive.  I posted this yesterday around noon and it was picked up before 4pm.  Piece of cake for #262-265 and closing out a year of PURGE!

Week 52: A Change of Plans

As soon as a pulled into the driveway and saw the "OPEN" sign unlit, I knew that my plan for this past month to PURGE to my 4 favorite organizations around CU was foiled. All Things Kids was closed for the holiday season so employees could spend time with their families, according to another posted sign.

Understandable. But still I felt let down. 

To the "T" I followed the directions they laid out in their e-mail, facebook page and website: all consignors were allowed to bring only the 30 best of their clothes during the month of Decemeber.  I carefully picked out some of the items I was sure they'd accept.  Lately I've been feeling a little rejected by the amount of my stuff they've been turning away.  On December 27th, those feelings of rejection were replaced by betrayal.

Why hadn't they posted on fb that they were going to be closed?  No e-mail either!  Some forewarning would have been appreciated considering they'd be closed for a whole week!

When I got home I realized that they had posted to fb. Twice.  And on their website (though I never check that). Whoops! It was my fault. I felt so guilty. 

Like last January and February when I was getting really ticked at the MTD because anytime I rode a bus, I would get nauseous. On top of feeling frustrated with the circumstances that made it a necessity for me to ride the bus, I was angry at the drivers for their hard braking, making me sick to my stomach.  I was jealous of people who could productively read while in this cage and all I could do was squeeze my eyes closed and hope I wouldn't vomit.  Turns out it wasn't the fault of the MTD, but I was pregnant.  Whoops!  Luckily all my angst was bottled up inside or else I would have had to write a very apologetic letter to them.

Anyway, in the bind of not being able to PURGE to ATK, my back up plan was to donate to Empty Tomb again.  Perhaps this is more fitting as it is my favorite place to PURGE. I was able to get rid of #255 a pair of Maternity Pants, #256 7 Maternity Shirts , #257 a jacket, #258 a Suede Jacket, #259 a sweater, #260 a pair of pants, and #261 15 pairs of baby socks. 

Perhaps I could have gotten some money for the maternity clothes or baby socks, but with PURGE the main point is to just get it out of the house.  I'm happy just  know that it will be used again and for the time being stay out of a landfill.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who's "Purge?"

Me: Hold on, let me just put this on the front steps for PURGE
Bean: Who's "Purge?"

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week 51: The I.D.E.A. Store

Look at all that JUNK!  This is the kid of stuff that ends up 1) in your junk drawer, 2) at the bottom of your kid's toy box, 3) in the back of your pantry until 4) you throw it away.  


Take your little reusable items of metal, plastic and paper to The I.D.E.A. Store.  It's on Springfield, just East of Neil, so you probably pass by all the time and drop off is easy.  Check out this list of stuff they accept, because you likely have several items they take.

Here are some items we collect regularly (#245-254):
Metal Bottle Caps
Metal boxes and tins from Altoids, cookies, candy
Plastic Tab Closures from food bags
Plastic Toys no larger than 2"x2"
Toy Parts
Wooden Crates from Clementines
Brown Paper Grocery bags 
Sleeves from hot drinks
Paint Sample Chips

My junk draw is now the collection spot for this stuff.  When I open a bottle of beer, the cap goes in there.  When I finish a loaf of bread, the plastic tab goes in there. When a cheap small toy breaks, it goes in there.  After a couple weeks, I make a run to the I.D.E.A Store where it will be sold to support the work of the Champaign-Urbana School Foundation and the Champaign-Urbana Public Schools.  

I love PURGing for a good cause and keeping my crap out of landfills!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 50: Goodwill

I had a great idea to end PURGE with a bang and try to get rid of 10 items and donate them to some of my favorite organizations around Champaign-Urbana.  Mei Mei kicked it off last week with 10 of her clothes to Empty Tomb.  This week we brought the 10 items to the left to Goodwill. 

Bean snagged #233 surf board from the Clean Water Garage Sale, during the buck-a-bag deal.  #324 The album used to hold pics of my flower arrangements, but I have no sentimental attachment to them. #235 The water bottle is from my college dancing days, but as you know, I have a fear of drinking from plastic now. #236 The incense sticks have been in the basement and I've owned them since junior high. I can't remember when I got #237 the globe candle, probably high school when I was in to black-light responsive stuff.  There's #238 a small pin just below that that says "Diva" from when I bought my DivaCup.  #239 The red shot glass was definitely from college when we got a gift set of Tuaca.  I dunno when/where I got #240 the journal from.  I think #241 the phone was my dad's from when he and my mom separated.  And #242 the blue box was given to my from a garage sale where I bought a bunch of diapers.

I also purged #243 a 5-pack of pink Christmas ball ornaments as well as #244 several santa ones.  I took pics, but then accidentally deleted them off my computer.  Bleh.  That's bonus for thr 10+ PURGE this week.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Week 49: Mei Mei's contribution

With Bean, my firstborn, every time he outgrew an outfit I got sad about how he was growing up and how he'd never wear it again.  I might have even shed a tear, or two, or three. 

With Mei Mei, things are a little different.  I've grown to savor every minute of each day, treasuring it because I know she will never be that many days old again. And each day that passes brings new experiences we share and new skills she learns.  I'm excited about her potential for growth the the possibilities of her future.

I see her outgrown clothes with different eyes too. I'm not bummed that she is no longer tiny enough to fit in them, I'm excited about the opportunity to clothe another cute newborn with those same clothes, likely a newborn that is born into a family that is not as financially blessed as we are. 

So it is with a happy heart that on behalf of Maewyn, I donated these #323-#232 10 newborn clothes to Empty Tomb.  We've been having horribly cold weather, so I'm hoping these onesies and undershirts will keep a baby warm.  We've been so blessed with so mnay clothes for her from friends, it's a joy to give some away to those in need.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Week 48: Random Kids Stuff

This is from a really long time ago (probably two months), but I never got around to posting about it.  I guess that's what happens when you have 3 kiddos! All Things Kids accepted #315-317 all that is pictured to the left, #318 the blue striped shirt to the right, and also a knit sweater (not pictured).
All that is below: #319 that Turkey Outfit went to a friend and #320 the blue and brown striped one underneath it went to another. #321 Shoes and #322 Clothes went to Empty Tomb.